The Division – PTS : Le Patch de la semaine #4 détaillé


The Division – Mise à jour 1.4 : Le patch #4 du PTS ajuste la difficulté du mode expert.

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Massive continue d’ajuster la mise à jour 1.4 sur le PTS de The Division avec la sortie d’un quatrième patch.

Cette semaine, les modifications sont moins nombreuses, signe que la sortie de la mise à jour se rapproche, elle est d’ailleurs toujours programmée pour ce mois-ci sur l’ensemble des plateformes mais le studio n’a toujours pas communiqué de date précise.

Pour ce nouveau patch, l’équipe s’est surtout concentrée sur l’équilibre de la difficulté du mode expert qui s’avère plus compliqué pour les Missions Histoire que dans les Souterrains.

A noter également que les bonus de santé après un frag ont aussi été réduits, ils se sont avérés être beaucoup trop puissants.

Ci-dessous, retrouvez toutes les modifications apportées pour cette quatrième semaine sur le PTS, les valeurs comparatives sont indiquées par rapport au patch de la troisième semaine du PTS :

PTS semaine #4 Patch Notes

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  • Underground Challenge Mode will now scale to group size in terms of enemy health and damage, but no longer in enemy quantity. This means that when playing solo or in a smaller group, you will face more enemies in Underground Challenge Mode than in the past.
  • To go with this change, chances to drop items from random enemies in Underground have been slightly lowered to ensure that an increase of enemies does not lead to even more loot.


We are making two changes to elite enemy’s health and damage. Thanks to the discussion on Time to Kill and Be Killed that appeared recently, we have identified a bug that reduced NPC incoming damage by an extra 15% on top of the 15% we had initially announced for PTS 3. This led to a total 30% damage decrease between PTS 2 and PTS 3 instead of the intended 15%. We have now fixed this bug.

  • Fixed a bug where NPC damage was reduced by an extra 15% leading to a total 30% reduction in PTS 3 instead of the 15% announced. Their damage is now correctly reduced by 15% compared to PTS 2, and thus increased by 21% compared to PTS 3.

Also, after looking at the results of the change to Elite Armor that we did in Week 3, we realized that it proved unnecessary. We have therefore decided to remove it and come back to the same Armor values that we had in PTS 2.

  • Reverted change done in PTS 3 to Elite and Named NPC Armor, to bring it back to its level of PTS 2. This equals an increase of 20% armor compared to PTS 3.


Part of your feedback in PTS 3 also showed that Health on Kill had become rather overpowered, to the point where it could even replace the need for healing skills or medkits. To answer this feedback, we have now reduced the amount of Health on Kill received from items:

  • Path of the Nomad
    • 2 pieces: Reduced Health on Kill bonus from 20% to 14%
  • Reduced Health on Kill rolls on items by about half

Finally, we reduced the Armor bonus received by the Robust talent on chest pieces, as it was inconsistent with other talents that provide lower bonuses with more constraining requirements:

  • Robust Chest piece bonus reduced from 30% armor to 10%

The combination of these changes should bring back slightly more lethality to enemies, but mostly ensure that Challenge Mode difficulty remains consistent between all activities, and better approached as a group. It should be soloable, but only with optimized equipment and the right amount of min-maxing.

Bug fixing

  • Fixed a bug where Armor Damage Mitigation was capped at 60% in World Tiers 2 and above. It will now correctly cap at 70% in all World Tiers.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to equip sharable mods.
  • Fixed a bug where named bosses respawn time in the Open World was not correctly set to 4 hours.
  • Fixed a bug where characters could be stuck on ladders when jumping on it after sprinting.
  • Fixed a bug where some weapon skins would not be correctly converted to vanity items, and thus be lost.
  • Fixed a bug where Underground Operations may not start correctly when interaction with the train.
  • Fixed a bug where using AlphaBridge Gear Set could result in UI issues.


  • Fixed several instances of Ballistic Shield becoming unusable for the player.
  • Fixed a bug where First Aid could not be self-cast when the player was about to receive fatal damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Smart Cover would be destroyed by friendly or enemy explosions. Smart Cover can now only be destroyed by enemy Sticky Bomb (Flashbang) and EMP grenades.
  • Fixed a bug where the Support Station Ammo Cache bonus could be lost if another Support Station with the same mod was destroyed in the vicinity.
  • Fixed a bug where Mobile Cover Blast Shield damage was not calculated correctly and resulted in ridiculous amount of damage.

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