The Division – PTS : Le Patch de la semaine #3 détaillé


The Division – Mise à jour 1.4 : Massive dévoile le patch de la troisième semaine du PTS.

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Massive continue d’ajuster la mise à jour 1.4 pour The Division avec la sortie d’un troisième patch sur le PTS.

La sortie de l’update est toujours prévue pour ce mois-ci sur l’ensemble des plateformes. Gardez en tête que ces modifications ne sont pas forcément définitives.

Parmi les changements, on peut noter :

  • La diminution de la vie et des dégâts des ennemis de niveau 31, 32 et 33 (entre 15 et 17%).
  • Les armes nommées ne sont plus bloquées à un Gear Score spécifique (sauf le Damascus)
  • Les boss nommés de l’Open World réapparaissent toutes les 4h (contre 24h auparavant)
  • Tous les schémas peuvent être achetés dans l’Open World
  • Les Divisions de la Technologie ne sont plus nécessaires pour crafter les équipements de haute qualité et les kits.
  • Un nouveau talent 4 pièces pour le Kit Banshee
    • Lorsque vous êtes renégat, vos munitions font le plein toutes les 30 secondes. Les dégâts provenant des joueurs non renégats sont diminués de 10%
    • Lorsque vous n’êtes pas renégat, vous ne perdez pas de monnaie ni d’XP Dark Zone lorsque vous mourrez. Les dégâts contre les renégats seront augmentés de 10%

Ci-dessous, retrouvez toutes les modifications apportées pour la troisième semaine du PTS, les valeurs comparatives sont indiquées par rapport au patch de la deuxième semaine du PTS :

Game changes

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  • Globally decreased damage of level 31 to 33 NPCs by 15%
  • Globally decreased Armor of level 31 to 33 Elite NPCs by 17%
  • Updated the ways NPCs react to Player Threat, now allowing players to more predictably manage enemy agro
  • Reckless: Damage received from enemies debuff has been reduced from 15% to 10%

Search and Destroy and High Value Targets

  • Enemies in Search & Destroy missions will now be Normal and Veteran instead of mostly Elites.
  • Weekly High Value and High Risk Target missions will now scale according to group size.

Gear Stats

  • Banshee
    • 4 Piece:
While Rogue, all ammo is completely refilled every 30 seconds. Damage taken from non rogue players reduced by 10%.
While not Rogue, Damage to Rogue players is increased by 10%. No Dark Zone XP or Currency is lost on death.


  • Named weapons are no longer locked to specific Gear Scores (except Damascus, which will remain available at only one Gear Score)
    • World tier determines the Gear Score of the weapon when it drops or is bought
    • All Named weapon blueprints have been removed from their sources. They will remain in your blueprints list if you already had them, but will only allow you to craft the weapon at this specific Gear Score
    • Named weapons will now have to be acquired through loot drops and vendors
  • DPS calculation now values Headshot damage differently for each weapon category to more accurately guide player when modding weapons
  • Ammo Capacity has been decreased by 25% (50% increase compared to 1.3)


  • Improved Skill Power Diminishing Return curve to encourage and reward Skill users for specializing in Electronics. Overall, skill specialists will see an increase in the efficiency of their skills. Some skills have been adjusted accordingly, as they became overpowered at high levels of Skill Power.
    Skill Haste has now been capped at 60% to prevent too low cooldowns.
  • All skills except signature skills now have a 5 seconds minimum cooldown.
  • Sticky Bomb
    • Base skill and all mods: PvP modifier reduced by 51% from 90% to 44%
  • Ballistic Shield
    • Base skill and all mods: Added threat generation when the shield is deployed
    • Base skill and all mods: Added threat generation when shooting while the shield is deployed
    • Base skill and Kinetic Breaker: Decreased base health by 25% from 5000 to 3750
    • Reactive targeting: Decreased base health by 30% from 7500 to 5625
    • Assault Shield: Decreased base health by 30% from 3750 to 2812
  • Support Station
    • Base skill and all mods: Decreased base cooldown duration by 44% from 90 seconds to 50 seconds
    • Scaling of cooldown with skillpower set to 80%
    • Ammo Cache: Skill Haste bonus reduced by 70% from 50% to 15%
  • Smart Cover
    • Base skill and all mods (except Trapper) Decreased Weapon Stability and Weapon Accuracy bonuses by 7% from 7.5% to 7%
    • Trapper: Decreased Weapon Stability and Accuracy bonus and debuffs as well as Damage Resistance bonus and debuffs by 5% from 5.25% to 5%
    • Recharger: Skill Haste bonus decreased by 25% from 20% to 15%
    • Concealment: Added threat reduction when using this cover
  • Pulse
    • Tactical Scanner: Decreased Critical Hit Damage bonus by 20% from 10% to 8%
    • Scrambler: Added threat reduction when using Pulse with this mod
  • Seeker Mine
    • Cluster: Decreased duration of bleed effect by 20% from 10 seconds to 8 seconds
  • Mobile Cover
    • Extension: Added threat generation when in using this cover
    • Countermeasure: Added threat reduction when using this cover

Loot & Rewards

  • Open World named NPCs respawn timer has been reduced from 24 hours to 4 hours.
  • Mission bosses, Underground bosses and Underground chests (end of phase and random chests) will now only have a chance to drop Purple instead of High End and Gear Set at Normal Difficulty in Tier 1. Hard difficulty and above in Tier 1 as well as all difficulties at higher tiers (including Normal) will now guarantee High End or Gear Set.
  • Missions and incursions mid bosses (4 horsemen in Dragon’s Nest, Raptor and Domino in General Assembly) will no longer drop Purple with a chance of High End or Gear Set. Instead, they will drop 2 to 3 High End crafting materials with a chance of High End or Gear Set item.

Vendors & Crafting

  • The Phoenix Credit Vendor has been removed from the Tech Wing in the Base of Operations
  • Division Tech has been removed as a requirement from all High End and Gear Set blueprints

Bug fixing

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  • Fixed a bug where NPC turrets could become invisible and indestructible if destroyed while being repaired by the NPC.
  • Fixed a bug where a WIP weapon could be crafted (MG5). This blueprint is now crafting a RPK instead.
  • Fixed a bug where bosses in World Tier 1 could drop High End Pistols instead of another weapon of gear piece.

Gear Sets

  • Fixed an issue where the Banshee 4-piece talent would trigger and refill ammo when Rogue inconsistently.

Gear Stats

  • Fixed a bug where main stats (Firearms, Stamina or Electronics) recalibrated before 1.4 would not have their value correctly scaled to the new standards of 1.4.
  • Fixed a bug where Buying back an item would reset its recalibrated stats and allow for new recalibrations.


  • Fixed a bug where Underground Operations would not trigger correctly when the player enters one.


  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to use a Signature Skill while aiming with grenades.
  • Fixed a bug where skills could be stuck in permanent cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where instant-firing the Sticky Bomb while another skill is readied could cause display issues.
  • Fixed a bug where instant-using Mobile Cover while aiming with another skill could cause issues with the Mobile Cover.
  • Fixed a bug where Ballistic Shield would not block incoming damage from Heavy cleaners and Fire Turrets.
  • Fixed a bug where Support Station Ammo Cache was affected by its own Skill Haste bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where self-casting First Aid while aiming down sight would drop the First Aid to the ground instead of applying it directly to the caster.
  • Fixed a bug where players revived with First Aid Defibrillator would not get the immunity they usually get with other revive methods.


  • Fixed a bug where old gear from 1.3 would display duplicated Mod slots on the right of the gear icon.
  • Fixed a bug where a Rank requirement would be displayed when trying to buyback an item from the Dark Zone Vendor.
  • Fixed a bug where Caches sold at the Phoenix Credit vendors would not all have a cost of 100 Phoenix Credits.
  • Fixed a bug where Daily and Weekly assignments caches reward indication in the mission overview would only display 163 Gear Score.
  • Fixed a bug where existing Gear Mods could be missing bonuses.

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