The Division – PTS : Le patch de la semaine #2 détaillé (nouveau kit Banshee)


The Division – Mise à jour 1.4 : Le patch de la deuxième semaine du PTS dévoile un nouveau kit d’équipement.

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Massive a profité du dernier State of the Game pour communiquer les détails du nouveau patch sur le Serveur de Test Public pour la mise à jour 1.4 de The Division.

Pas mal de changements sont à noter, notamment le kit d’équipement Banshee qui remplacera le kit B.L.I.N.D. Ce nouvel ensemble est totalement dédié à la Dark Zone :

Kit équipement Banshee

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  • Bonus (2)
    • + 20% de gain pour les fonds DZ
  • Bonus (3)
    • +10% de dégâts aux cibles hors couverture
  • Bonus (4) Talent | Banshee
    • Lorsque vous êtes renégat, vos munitions font le plein toutes les 30 secondes. Les dégâts provenant des joueurs non renégats sont diminués de 10%
    • Lorsque vous n’êtes pas Renégat votre vitesse sera augmentée de 20%*. Les dégâts contre les renégats seront augmentés de 10%

*ce bonus sera remplacé dans une future mise à jour du PTS.

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Cette deuxième semaine du PTS est aussi l’occasion pour les joueurs PC d’importer leur propre personnage sur le serveur de test.

La sortie de la mise à jour 1.4 est prévue ce mois-ci sur l’ensemble des plateformes. Gardez en tête que ces modifications ne sont pas forcément définitives, de nouveaux changements sont déjà attendus pour la semaine #3 du PTS.

Ci-dessous, retrouvez les modifications apportées pour la deuxième semaine du PTS, les valeurs comparatives sont indiquées par rapport au patch de la première semaine du PTS.

Patch Note Mise à jour 1.4 semaine #2 PTS

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Game changes


  • Player grenade damage now scales with the current World Tier to ensure consistent efficiency against NPCs across World Tiers.
  • Shotgunner NPCs: their damage falloff and accuracy have been slightly reduced. This should limit their range and lower their lethality in long to mid-range combat.
  • World Tier & Dark Zone bracket: If the player has enough Gear Score to unlock a new World Tier but is still below the matching Dark Zone bracket requirement, he will still be able to join the higher Dark Zone bracket by selecting the higher World Tier. For example, a player with Gear Score 158 can go to World Tier 2, but would be forced into Dark Zone bracket 1 due to his GS being bellow 163, which can be very confusing. Now, if he selects World Tier 2, he will be put in Dark Zone bracket 2. If he selected World Tier 1, he will be put in Dark Zone bracket 1 until his Gear Score reaches the next Dark Zone bracket minimum requirement. This only applies when the Gear Score is right in the middle of two World Tiers (158 to 163, 177 to 182, 199 to 204)
  • Underground checkpoints have been removed from the game until a better implementation can be developed (post 1.4).
  • Several improvements to NPC AI.
  • Player health will now progressively regenerate to full when out of combat.

Gear Stats

  • Armor Damage Mitigation cap increased from 60% to 70%
  • Toughness now takes All Damage Resiliency into account
  • Reduced Health on Kill bonuses on Gear by 50%. This change also applies to existing gear. Nomad 2-piece bonus is not impacted by this change.
  • Skill Haste bonus will now directly affect Skill cooldowns by the same amount. For example, 10% Skill Haste will reduce Skill cooldown by 10%.

Gear Sets

  • Tactician’s Authority:
    • 2 Pieces: +10% Skill Haste
    • 3 Pieces: +10% Skill Power
  • Lone Star:
  • 3 Pieces:
    • +8% LMG Damage
    • +8% Shotgun Damage
  • Predator’s Mark:
    • 2 Pieces: +10% Reload Speed
    • 3 Pieces:
      • +8% Assault Rifle Damage
      • +8% SMG Damage
    • 4 Pieces: Hit 10 shots without switching target to make the target take damage over time for 50% of the total amount of damage already done by those bullets
  • Final Measure:
    • 2 Pieces: +25% Exotic Damage Resilience
    • 4 Pieces: When in range of hostile grenades or mortars, defuses them and adds grenades to your inventory. Can only happen once every 15 seconds
  • Reclaimer:
    • 2 Pieces: +50% Consumable duration
    • 3 Pieces: +50% Support Station duration
    • 4 Pieces: Consumables and special ammo used now apply to the whole group and are not consumed on use. Triggers consumable cooldowns and cannot start consumables that are on cooldown.
  • B.L.I.N.D. becomes Banshee:
    • 2 Pieces: +20% Dark Zone Currency gained
    • 3 Pieces: +10% Damage to targets out of cover
    • 4 Pieces:
      • While Rogue, all ammo is completely refilled every 30 seconds. Damage taken from non-rogue players reduced by 10%.
      • While not Rogue, movement speed is increased by 20%. Damage to Rogue players is increased by 10%
      • Note 1: Due to streaming issues, the movement speed will have to be removed in a future update of the PTS and will be replaced with another bonus. Suggestions are welcome!
      • Note 2: All existing pieces of B.L.I.N.D. will be replaced with equivalent Banshee pieces.


DPS calculation has been changed to be closer to the old formula, without accuracy and considering a 100% headshot rate. Note that this formula is still Work in Progress.

Weapon recalibration: When recalibrating a weapon, the player will now be able to pick from 6 Talents additionally to the initial one (instead of 3+1). This should lower the impact of RNG and increase the chances to actually get the talent you want before you run out of tries.

  • LMG
    • Reduced all LMGs Damage bonus on targets out of cover from about 28% maximum to 19% maximum
    • M249: Damage reduced by 6%
    • M60: Damage reduced by 8.2%
    • RPK: Damage reduced by 9%
    • L86: Damage reduced by 14.3%
  • Marksman Rifle
    • SCAR: Damage reduced by 0.9%
    • SVD: Damage increased by 1.3%
  • SMG
    • Reduced all SMG Critical Hit Damage bonus from about 47% maximum to 38% maximum
    • AUG: Damage increased by 12%
    • MP5: Damage increased by 4.6%
    • MP7: Damage increased by 3.5%
    • PP19: Damage increased by 7.8%
    • SMG9: Damage increased by 13.5%
    • Vector: Damage increased by 7.8%

Weapon Talents

  • Ferocious: Bonus Damage reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Responsive: Bonus Damage Reduced from 15% to 10%

Gear Talents

  • Reckless: Bonus Damage Reduced from 15% to 8%, damage taken unchanged
  • Savage: Bonus Critical Hit Chance reduced from 10% to 7%

Character Talents

  • Chain Reaction: Decreased Damage bonus by 50% from 40% to 20%


  • First Aid
    • Defibrillator no longer revives players from death as it was deemed too powerful. Defibrillator will only revive players from downed state, as it was the case pre 1.4.
  • Ballistic Shield
    • Base health of the Shield has been increased by 67%
    • Now takes 50% less damage from NPCs
  • Seeker Mine
    • Cluster now applies bleed effect on top of its usual damage
  • Smart Cover
    • Trapper now applies a Stability and Accuracy debuff to enemies in cover, equivalent to the normal buff provided by Smart Cover
    • Base skill and all mods no longer have range cap
    • Base skill and all mods Weapon Stability bonus changes from +5% to +7.5%
    • Base skill and all mods Weapon Accuracy bonus changes from +5% to +7.5%
  • Support Station
    • When playing solo, if the player is downed while his Station is active, he will be able to revive himself
  • Signature Skills
    • Implemented a shared cooldown mechanic: in a group, players who receive a buff from any Signature Skill will be immune to the same signature skill for 30 seconds after the first one runs out.
    • All signature skills have their duration increased by 20% from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.

High Value Targets

  • Prices of High Value Target contracts have been adjusted and normalized to avoid overlaps. This results in an overall slight decrease of cost for many contracts.
  • Daily High Value Targets now all scale with group size.
  • Weekly High Value Targets will always be scaled for 4 players groups.
  • The difficulty of some of the hardest HVT contracts have been slightly lowered.


  • Gear Set items have been removed from drop pools in World Tier 1. This means that in World Tier 1, NPCs, bosses and activity rewards will only provide High End items and no Gear Set at Gear Score 163. Gear Set still have a low chance to be dropped with Gear Score 182 in World Tier 1. This should help easing progression between tiers and bring new players more gradually to the concept of end-game gearing up.
  • Dark Zone named NPCs drop rates modified:
    • 1x High End or Gear Set
    • 1x High End Gear Mod or Weapon Mod (instead of 1x Gear Set)
  • Drop rates have been modified for all named NPCs encountered during missions and incursions outside of the actual boss. They will no longer guarantee High-End drops.
  • Underground: The loot chest at the end of an Underground phase will no longer guarantee a High-End item.
  • Vendors will now sell Sealed Cache for all currencies. Pricings are still Work in Progress in this build.
  • Vendors will now scale with World Tier and no longer sell items that are of a high Gear Score than what can be acquired in the Tier.
  • Marksman Rifles, ARs and Shotgun prices have been lowered.
  • Gear Set items now cost as much as a high end gear piece, resulting in a large price reduction.
  • Item prices in DZ Funds have been adjusted. Gear score 182 item prices went slightly up, as gear score 204 items got a small price decrease. These changes were made for a more normalized, fairer price increase of items with gear score.
  • Items priced in Phoenix Credit gear score 182 went down in price slightly, whereas items gear score 229 went slightly up. These changes were made for a more normalized, price increase of items with gear score.
  • General Assembly mission: The Helicopter boss will still drop 4 items. On normal difficulty, these 4 items will be of Superior or High-End quality. On Hard, it will drop High-End items only. These items can be of any type instead of only equipment items.
  • Reduced chances for some drops to be a weapon and increased chance for it to be gear.

UI Improvements

  • Performance Mod Slots will now appear separately from the normal Mod Slots on the right of a gear icon. Note that there is currently a known issue with this change where pre 1.4 items may have their Mod Slots icons duplicated on the right side of the Gear icon, this is only a display issue and does not mean that the amount of mod slots has increased.
  • Recalibration bench now opens instantly instead of waiting for watch tapping animation.

Bug fixing

  • Fixed a bug where the 4-piece talent of Final Measure would not defuse the APC Mortar shells in Falcon Lost.
  • Fixed a bug where the game could freeze when holding the skill deployment button of a second skill when the character was using a Mobile Cover.
  • Fixed a bug where two deprecated blueprints (Iron Sight 2 and 3) could be acquired.


  • Fixed a bug where NPC turrets would count towards Daily and Weekly Assignments for this NPC type.
  • Fixed a bug where named bosses could respawn in the Open World when going to a safe house.


  • Fixed a bug where activating a skill during a cover to cover move and then ending the move could lead to all skills being stuck on cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where First Aid Booster Shot would not provide the expected Damage bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where First Aid would revive players no matter which Skill Mod was selected.
  • Fixed a bug where Recovery Link heal would not apply if the targeted player is currently aiming with a skill.
  • Fixed a bug where Smart Cover would be destroyed by enemy grenades (EMP grenades can still destroy Smart Cover, as intended).
  • Fixed a bug where Support Station would not revive a player if the Station caster is also in downed state.
  • Fixed a bug where Recovery Link would not trigger correctly when the player dies.
  • Fixed a bug where Mobile Cover Countermeasures would not correctly hide the agent from Pulse.


  • Fixed various text errors and misspells.
  • Fixed a bug where the third bonus from High End weapon mods would not show when the mod is attached to a weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where some settings would reset to default when the game is restarted.
  • Fixed a bug where the World Level Tier tutorial would show up every time the player would enter the Terminal.
  • Fixed a bug where the Valkyria blueprint would not appear at the blueprint vendor.
  • Fixed a bug where blueprints sold at the underground vendor could be acquired from the Blueprint vendor.

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