Marvel’s Avengers : Tous les détails de la mise à jour 1.16

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Marvel's Avengers mise à jour 1.16 20 novembre

Des correctifs et un système de ping pour Marvel’s Avengers avec la mise à jour 1.16 (Patch 1.3.6 PC).

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Crystal Dynamics vient de déployer une nouvelle mise à jour pour Marvels Avengers avec de nouveaux correctifs. Au programme, des correctifs ainsi qu’un nouveau système de ping pour marquer les objectifs, les ennemis ou les ressources.

Prévoyez environ 13 Go pour télécharger les fichiers d’installation :

marvels avengers mise à jour 1.16

Retrouvez tous les correctifs avec le patch-notes officiel ci-dessous (vf à venir).

Marvel’s Avengers – Patch 1.16 (PS4/PS5) V1.3.6 (PC)

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marvels avengers mise à jour


In patch 1.3.6 we’ve added the ping system so many of you have been requesting!
Items you can ping include enemies, objectives, chests, destructible items, collectible intel, comics, resource crates, health crates, environmental hazards, and rally points. You can also mark downed heroes, instruct our AI to punch buttons, shoot triggers, and smash/hack doors.

  • The ping system is accessible by aiming with the trigger and using the reticle to highlight areas or objects you want to ping. Once highlighted, pressing up on the D-pad will activate a ping notification.
  • When aiming at pingable objects the reticle will turn red, except for when doing a generic location ping. In this case, the reticle will remain white.
  • Pinging interactive areas like hacking stations or smashable doors will direct your AI companions to run over and do the required action.
  • Pinged items will remain pinned to the screen and use a distance indicator when they have moved off screen.
  • All items except enemies will show a ping prompt when targeted. Enemies don’t show this so not to disrupt the flow of combat – but don’t worry, they’ve been marked!
  • Dismissing a ping is simple – just aim at pinged item and “dismiss” UI will pop up.
  • It’s worth noting that the ping functionality doesn’t extend to doors which require the Avengers to assemble in order to progress – the player must still engage with those terminals, so that they maintain control over mission progression.


  • Various crash & freeze fixes.
  • Fixed a variety of black screen errors, including: A rare issue where a black screen could occur when vetoing a mission as the timer hits zero; A rare issue where a black screen would occur when attempting to start a mission while players on a strike team are at different progression levels in the campaign; A rare issue where a black screen would occur when attempting a Boss Lair mission another strike team member does not have.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies in “Once an Avenger” would sometimes get stuck when traversing through a blown-up door.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be knocked out of world on the “Alternate Visions” mission when on their way to fight Taskmaster.
  • Fixed a rare issue where infinite load times occurred when switching between heroes at the Hero switcher or WAR TABLE.
  • Fixed a rare issue where loading into the SHIELD Substation Outpost after unlocking it via the campaign resulted in mission chains like « Reigning Supreme » and « Shield Substation Zero » remaining locked, halting Avengers Initiative progress.
  • Rebalanced enemies in the “Olympia Archive” campaign mission.

Art & animation

  • Fixed a rare issue where black squares would populate on Thor’s face when hovering over Major Artifacts.
  • Fixed an issue where Hulk’s animation would sometimes get stuck when initiating Stranglehold from the air.


  • Fixed an issue where a strike team could be stuck in a loading state if another player joined while the host was traveling to an Outpost.
  • Fixed an issue where “Quick Match as any Hero” could result in multiple Hulks on a single strike team.


  • Fixed an issue where Iron Man’s Magno-Missiles consumed more intrinsic energy than intended, resulting in the firing of two rockets rather than three.

Défis & Récompenses

  • Fixed an issue where vendor timers would occasionally hit 00:00 without refreshing.
  • Fixed an issue where gear would occasionally not send to the locker when the player’s inventory was full.


Source: Avengers Square Enix

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