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Marvel’s Avengers – Patch 1.27 : Hawkeye et la MAJ Next Gen maintenant disponibles

Marvel's Avengers mise à jour 1.24 9 février 2021

Tous les détails de la mise à jour 1.27 de Marvel’s Avengers (Patch 1.5.0 PC).

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Crystal Dynamics vient de déployer une nouvelle mise à jour pour Marvel’s Avengers. Au programme, pas mal de nouveautés :

  • Un nouvel héros avec Hawkeye
  • l’Histoire de l’Opération Futur Imparfait (Retrouvez Nick Fury avec Hawkeye)
  • La mise à jour Next Gen
  • La possibilité de rejouer la campagne sans perdre sa progression
  • Pièces HARM personnalisables
  • Nouvel ennemi : Cargo Runner Synthoid
  • Tenue de Ms. Marvel gratuite

Prévoyez environ 18 Go pour télécharger les fichiers d’installation. La maj Next Gen nécessite un téléchargement complet, 74 Go sur PS5 et 107 Go sur Xbox.

marvels avengers patch 1.27

Retrouvez tous les correctifs avec le patch-notes officiel ci-dessous.

Marvel’s Avengers – Patch 1.27 (PS4/PS5) V1.5.0 (PC)

marvels avengers mise à jour


  • Next-Gen Upgrade: Players who own the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version of Marvel’s Avengers will be able to upgrade to the full next-gen version at no additional cost. Featuring updated visuals, improved destruction and Heroic detail, significantly faster load times, and more, Marvel’s Avengers on next-gen consoles is a redefined experience. Check out our Next Gen Capabilities trailer for a full breakdown of what you can expect. If you have any questions on your next-gen upgrade, check out our FAQ here.
  • New Hero: Hawkeye: Play the iconic Clint Barton, a master archer and swordsman, who has an arrow for any challenge he faces.  He joins the Avengers with his own Heroics, Intrinsic, Takedowns, and cosmetics that set him apart from the rest of the team. For a full breakdown of Clint’s combat check out our Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Deep Dive on Hawkeye – or go play him yourself now!
  • Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Hawkeye Future Imperfect: Hawkeye’s story takes us to a possible future where all hope is lost. With the help of the rest of the Avengers – and his pal, Lucky – Clint must discover the whereabouts of Nick Fury and prevent the incoming invasion.  Traverse the new Wastelands biome, fight against Maestro, and (most importantly?!) let Lucky know what a good boy he is in Operation Future Imperfect.
  • Campaign Replay: This long-awaited feature is finally here! Marvel’s Avengers’ Campaign Replay allows you to replay the entire Reassemble Campaign from the beginning. While your data tracking campaign progress will be reverted, you will not lose any player progression like XP, character progress, and collectibles obtained up until this point. Currently Campaign Replay does not apply to operations such as Taking Aim or Future Imperfect. We plan to add Campaign Replay to operations in a future update.
  • HARM Room (Custom): Many members of the Community have expressed the desire to tailor the HARM room for a personal Super Hero training experience, so we have now introduced customizable HARM Rooms with this patch! The customizable HARM Room is accessible via the War Table. After a tutorial that will guide you through the process on your first entry into the HARM Room, you can use the console to customize your combat experience with modifiers like enemy types, enemy numbers, different environmental hazards like fire and electricity, difficulty, and buffs! You can use custom HARM rooms to take things slow and learn strategies for new Heroes or turn the dial up and challenge yourself with the Avengers you have already mastered.
  • New Enemy: Cargo Runner Synthoid: Appearing in various places, the Cargo Runner Synthoid is a new enemy who carries items and will try to run away from you. If you manage to chase it down and destroy it, it’ll drop its cargo, which contains resources (and perhaps more).
  • Free Outfit: New with this patch is a free item you can grab from the Marketplace for a limited time! Stretch those arms and get Ms. Marvel’s Night Galaxy Outfit before it disappears into the stars. Tell your friends!


  • Placeholder textures are no longer visible in Enter: The Avengers.
  • Ability counters no longer reset in Kamala’s section of Achilles Archive after interacting with the first terminal.
  • Resolved several issues that allowed some players to go out-of-world and resulted in players becoming stuck.
  • Addressed a rare issue that caused combat banter to trigger outside of combat.
  • Resolved hitching issues that occurred for a small number of players during helicarrier cinematics.
  • Tony is no longer absent at the War Table during the third visit to the helicarrier, which was preventing a small number of players from progress.
  • Players no longer face the wrong direction following a checkpoint reload during Tachyon Breakout.
  • A SHIELD employee at Substation Zero is now 100% more efficient as they are no longer typing on a powered-down tablet.
  • The “Server Hacking” event during Our Town no longer triggers prematurely.
  • Resolved a looping checkpoint reload encountered by a small number of players after falling into the river on Enter the Avengers.
  • Enemy NPCs are no longer visible during the final cutscene of Agents of Midgard.
  • Visual effects for electrical hazards now have a more accurate hitbox indicator.
  • Equipping the Starboost Armor upon returning to the helicarrier for the 4thtime no longer halts progression.
  • Fixed a rare issue where completing the objective of defeating all enemies on the first floor of the Desert Hive mission would not result in progression.
  • Resolved a bug in the Help Dr. Banner campaign mission, where the camera would get stuck in front of the War Table, resulting in the player being unable to move away from the console.
  • Resolved an issue where hero-specific HARM missions were inaccessible for fans who entered the Avenger’s Initiative before starting the Reassemble Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players from playing flashback missions.
  • Fixed various crash, black screen and loading screen issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the More Than Inhuman mission could disappear from the War Table for players with broken save states, blocking progress.
  • Fixed an issue where AI Companions would walk and stop short of a console when instructed to hack them using the ping system.
  • Fixed an issue where the Heroic Gauntlet Mega Hive mission chain would remain on the War Table after being completed, potentially blocking progress.
  • Fixed an issue where the mission The Evil Reborn in the Hive Mind mission chain could remain on the War Table after completion.
  • Mission QoL Updates:
    • Vault coordinates are now removed after completion.
    • Elite Villain Sectors are now hidden after they are completed from the mission chain
    • Duplicate Villain Sectors will no longer appear between Factions
    • Flashback Missions can now be completed once daily
    • Improved visibility of rewards at the end of missions


  • Strike Team members in the Avengers Initiative now see the same animation when NPCs are hit by Thor’s charged range attack.
  • Addressed an issue that allowed players to infinitely respawn during the Heroic Gauntlet if their last eligible hero was in use by another play on the Strike Team.
  • Players no longer become stuck at the Hero Roster after selecting an invite while a “dismiss” prompt is active.
  • Fixed an issue where player stats were significantly dropped a upon picking up or destroying gear in multiplayer Hive missions, rather than stats only changing when intentionally equipping/unequipping gear.
  • AIM defectors no longer take damage before a player reaches them, which could result in a failure state before the mission began.
  • Fixed an issue where a Strike Team of at least three players could be blocked when a player readies up just as the Host leaves the game, triggering a host migration. This results in the mission loading infinitely, only resolving when the other users leave the Strike Team.
  • A temporary change has been made to Quick Match where we now exclude War Zones with a power level requirement from the Quick Match pool. This is to address scenarios where a player who is below the power level requirement of the War Zone Quick Matches with a group and prevents the War Zone from being launched. Players can still matchmake for War Zones with power level requirements by directly selecting the War Zone from the War Table and entering matchmaking for the specific War Zone. We are working on a more robust solution which will be implemented in a future release.
  • Various matchmaking and stability improvements.


  • Les joueurs utilisant des dispositions de commandes mobiles ou dynamiques n’ont plus besoin d’appuyer deux fois pour utiliser le ping.
  • Les astuces s’affichent désormais correctement en survolant les artefacts mineurs/majeurs.
  • Les éléments sélectionnés pour démontage multiple sont désormais correctement marqués d’un carré rouge avant le démontage.
  • Correction d’un problème où le suivi d’une expédition sur le Terminal de missions mettait en surbrillance des missions terminées et des missions à terminer.
  • Correction d’un problème rare où un texte accidentel apparaissait en sélectionnant un niveau de défi via le Terminal de missions.
  • Correction d’un problème où les joueurs ne pouvaient pas changer de héros à bord du Quinjet pour les missions de ruches.
  • Correction de plusieurs pannes, écrans noirs et écrans de chargement sans fin.
  • Correction d’un problème pouvant entraîner l’affichage incorrect des Missions emblématiques.

Art & animation

  • Hulk’s hair is correctly displayed in the Hulk King outfit.
  • Jarvis VO consistently plays after exiting the Quinjet.
  • SHIELD Cave doors no longer play door opening audio if they are already open.
  • Kamala’s smile is intact after addressing an issue that caused her teeth to disappear in cutscenes when wearing specific outfits including Obsidian, Teenage Hero, Greater Good, and Jersey Girl.
  • Also resolved a rare bug that would cause Kamala’s eyelashes or other small details to disappear when wearing an outfit with a mask.
  • Kamala no longer leans against an invisible surface in the Science Lab of the helicarrier after returning post-campaign.
  • Fixed a loading issue during Evil Reborn where ceiling assets would not load until a flying player was in close proximity to them.
  • Your hero no longer disappears when running up against a wall at the start of the Endless Abyss mission.
  • Resolved an issue where lighting can appear on the ground without a source during the Masks mission.
  • Iron Man’s cape now correctly displays in his Iron Knight Outfit during a cutscene in the Masks mission.
  • Dr. Lyle Getz’s VO is now properly synchronized to his facial animations during his Dreadbot boss fight.
  • Captain America is no longer intermittently wearing a helmet when he should not be during the A-Day prologue.
  • Ensured audio correctly plays with Kate Bishiop’s Campfire and Drummer Girl emotes.
  • Removed a handful of unintended placeholder assets in the game and addressed various collision/floating issues on environmental assets.
  • Various visual effects fixes


  • Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man no longer T-pose for a few frames after being selected.
  • We made changes to improve loading time of character models in the menu.
  • Improved load times for players switching between Heroes in Outposts, via the Hero Terminal or War Table.
  • Addressed a bug causing a player’s health bar to disappear at the end of the Masks mission.
  • Challenge Card prompts can now be dismissed by mouse and keyboard users.
  • Vault Interact prompts no longer erroneously appear when using the Hulkbuster.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred after patch 1.4.0b, where S.H.E.I.L.D. Faction Daily Villain sector missions showed up as completed, halting the user from doing them.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players received an erroneous message about their inventory being full.
  • Added new notifications to Gear slots to let players know when they have a new item.
  • Wartable mission panels have been updated to prevent them from going off screen.
  • Cursor Improvements: The hit area has been reduced to the size of the cursor to provide better accuracy for what is being highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue where D-pad controls were being displayed incorrectly in the Controls Configuration menu after the player remapped them. Display controls now reflect the saved mapping.
  • The Marketplace is now also accessible from the Character Menu and will now highlight new content when accessed.
  • We removed player info and icons from the Nameplate art to let them shine!
  • We changed the layout of the Social Menu so Nameplates align with hero placement to more clearly associate them.
  • Fixed various localization, text, and subtitle issues.


  • Iron Man no longer becomes invincible when entering the Hulkbuster as it despawns.
  • AIM Aerokeepers no longer float after being defeated in the mission Private Eye.
  • Kate can now vault over the blue shielded Aegis Reapers when she faces them in the mission Out of Shadows.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes, enemies can vanish in a “Defeat Enemy Squad” event, thus ending it without proper completion.
  • Drones no longer spawn in containers holding Inhuman NPCs.
  • “Iron Man does not get stuck in a falling animation when flying at a window ledge in the Menace at Large mission.
  • Aegis Dreadbots no longer spawn in undesired locations such as on top of pillars during the Menace at Large Villian Sector mission.
  • In the mission To Tame a Titan (Elite), Warbots no longer become immune to damage during the second phase where players attack the Warbot’s head”.
  • Players can no longer clip through the forcefield during the Super Adaptoid fight in the mission Resolution.
  • Removed an invincible turret during the Abomination fight in the mission Gathering of Evil.
  • Resolved an issue where AI companions could not revive players at certain locations in the Young Avenger mission such as near walls or railings.
  • Drones now properly take elemental damage.
  • Companions no longer go missing after elevator transitions.
  • Fixed an issue where the high value target during the Bad Blood mission can disappear, leaving only a target indicator.
  • The audio on Iron Man’s repulsor attacks no longer goes up in pitch when used in War Zones.
  • The Cryo Adaptoid’s slam attack has been balanced so that the dodge window matches the animation and prompt.
  • Resolved an issue that occasionally prevented Captain America’s parry from triggering when attempting to parry a Stiletto Riotbot’s melee attack.
  • Players no longer move involuntarily in the enemy’s direction when attempting to vault an enemy while locked on.
  • Completion of the “Sabotage Turbines” objective no longer stalls for several seconds after completion.
  • Status effect meters, which help indicate how much status is left to inflict on an enemy, now appear during Taskmaster and Abomination Villian Sectors.
  • Fixed an issue on Stadia where players are occasionally sent directly from “Down But Not Out” to Spectator mode.”
  • Implemented a fix to keep Elite Peacekeeper’s missiles from going invisible.
  • Addressed a rare issue where Taskmaster would stop attacking during a Villain Sector encounter.
  • The camera properly aligns while aiming Kate Bishop’s bow after being interrupted during the Equalizer animation.
  • Resolved an issue that caused heroes and enemies to become misaligned during takedown finishers.
  • Fixed various companion AI issues.


  • Iron Man & Kate Bishop’s HIVEMIND and Priority Mission gear sets have a chance to be equipped with Cryo ranged perks.
  • Priority Mission gear now has a small chance of coming with Cosmic perks.
  • Fixed an issue where an array of Priority Missions were being marked complete prior to players attempting them, resulting in lower completion rewards
  • Fixed an issue where Rare Yellow ISO-8 drops with a mix of different stat types rather than pure Valor.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if a player interacted with a Vendor before their goods refreshed, then went offline. When the time came for the goods to refresh, an alert would populate, but not download the new content since the user was offline.
  • Fixed an issue where certain achievements – including Holding it Down” and “The Best Around,” – were impossible to complete at power levels exceeding 130.
  • Mission Rewards:
    • Awarded gear shows up consistently on the mission complete screen
    • A gear chest no longer spawns in an inaccessible location on Breakout.
    • Removed pattern rewards from the Mega Hive as part of a larger work-in-progress initiative to decrease randomness in obtaining cosmetics. In the future, the cosmetic vendor system will be updated to include many of these cosmetics, giving more agency to what the player earns. To compensate, the Unit amount awarded has been dramatically increased upon completing step 8 of the Mega Hive.


  • Perks:
    • Removed the spread on effectiveness for all in-air perks, such as increased stun damage, increased critical chance, and increased damage. Instead of randomness affecting the quality, the perk always drops at a set percentage now and potentially an increased percentage. As an example, the perk Aerial Berserker Breaker found on minor artifacts – which increases melee damage in the air – is no longer a spread between 5-10% bonus damage, but instead a flat 12%.
      • The remaining areal perk adjustments include:
        • Aerial Impulse: Changed from 12-15% stun damage to always be 15%
        • Aerial Boon: Changed from 4-6% Increased critical chance to always be 6%
        • Aerial Quake: Changed from 12-15% stun damage to always be 20%
        • Aerial Blessing: Changed from 10-12% critical chance to always be 12%
        • Aerial Berserker Blitz: Changed from 12-15% increased damage to always be 15%

Source: Avengers Square Enix

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