Assassin’s Creed Origins : Le Discovery Tour dispo avec la mise à jour 1.30

Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour mise à jour 1.30

On révise son histoire avec le patch 1.30 d’Assassin’s Creed Origins.

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Ubisoft a déployé aujourd’hui la mise à jour 1.30 pour Assassin’s Creed Origins, elle apporte notamment le Discovery Tour, une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui permet de visiter l’Égypte Antique librement et sans combat.

Ce mode éducatif propose 75 visites guidées à travers 5 thèmes majeurs comme l’architecture ou encore la vie quotidienne de la population, une excellente opportunité de réviser son histoire tout en restant branché sur la console 🙂

Prévoyez environ 5 Go d’espace libre sur consoles, 4.8 Go sur Uplay et 2.6 Go sur Steam.

Le patch 1.3.0 ajoute également une fonction New Game + ainsi que de nombreuses corrections, retrouvez ci-dessous l’ensemble des changements (en anglais pour le moment) :

Assassin’s Creed Origins – Mise à jour 1.3.0 (20 février 2018)

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Patch Highlights

The “Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt” game mode added. Explore Ancient Egypt from a fascinating historical perspective with a new mode that lets visitors’ free roam the map to learn about Egypt’s history and daily life in guided tours.

New Game+ game mode added. Start a new game while keeping their weapons, outfits, and abilities. You will be able to access New Game + after you have completed the last main quest of the game.

The Hidden Ones

  • Fixed an issue where the completion of the Sinai region would not reach 100% in the Atlas

Main Game


  • Fixed various issues with Quest Objectives that could disappear when traveling outside of Egypt
  • Fixed an issue with the spawning of Hotephres’ boat in the quest “The Crocodile’s Scales”
  • Fixed an issue preventing the playable character to go back into the vault if he died after completing the quest “The Final Weighing”


  • Increased the distance the player needs to be from some Rebel Camps before Assist Rebel event are respawned
  • Fixed an issue with Hippodrome adversaries stopping at the end of a race
  • Fixed various issues with Daily Quests and Reda that could not be available at times
  • Fixed an issue with the camera having no collision with the Boss of the Trials of the God
  • Fixed an issue preventing targets of “Avenge a Friend” quests from being damaged
  • Fixed the Trial of the God Community Challenge that could give all the items of the Anubis Gold Set after banking the reward
  • Fixed the synchronization of the Classic Challenges with the Ubisoft Club servers following a network failure
  • Fixed various papyruses locations that did not show the interact action


  • Improved the ragdoll visual
  • Added a warning message when going out of bound with Senu
  • Fixed an issue that caused the mount not being summoned when whistled
  • Fixed a bow usage animation issue while in stealth
  • Fixed various issues where the playable character could remain stuck
  • Fixed an issue where various character’s hands would end up crooked after exiting to the Quest menu
  • Fixed an issue where NPC could stand still after being killed with an air assassination
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the interaction with the mount merchant in the Refugee Haven to work
  • Fixed an issue that could make cart fly in the air following a collision

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue with the Animus Pulse effect disappearing on certain camera angles in Photo Mode


  • Fixed various issues where the playable character could go through collisions
  • Fixed various issues with the spawning of NPCs
  • Fixed floating boats

Graphics & Audio

  • Fixed various mismatches between subtitle and audio


  • Fixed an infinite loadtraveling after fast travelling a long distance via the eagle
  • Improved overall stability of the game application


  • Added some tooltips and other minor improvements to the Performance Analyzer menu
  • Fixed an issue with the playable character that could not walk through a narrow pass
  • Fixed the display of GPU temperature and usage metrics
  • Fixed various issues with the key mapping with the Hippodrome
  • Fixed various issues with the World Map on multi-monitors setups
  • Fixed several stuttering issues
  • Fixed multiple issues with the localized voiceover in the quests “Incoming Threat” and “A Gift from the Gods”

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