Destiny : Bungie répond à 104 questions sur The Taken King

Destiny taken king dlc

Gameinformer a pris le temps de s’entretenir avec Luke Smith, creative director pour The Taken King (entre autre…).

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L’occasion de poser exactement 104 questions toutes plus existentielles les unes que les autres ! L’interview est disponible à cette adresse.

Pour les anglophobes, voici les informations les plus intéressantes de cet entretien :

  • Des skins pour spectre seront disponibles cet automne
  • Il sera impossible d’utiliser le passereau dans le Cuirassé de la Ruche
  • The Taken King ne sera pas disponible sur PC
  • Le voyageur est-il maléfique ? …  » tout sera révélé en temps voulu »
  • Il sera possible de passer les cinématiques
  • La tête du 5ème président des Neufs est gravée sur les pièces étranges

Voilà pour les informations primordiales de cette interview, si vous voulez lire l’entretien complet c’est par ici que ça se passe :

Will we ever get more skins for our Ghosts?

This fall

Will the 3 player limit for fireteams ever increase?


Do you care about the story for Destiny?


Was the dead Guardian in the first mission on the moon part of Eris’ fireteam?


Is the Darkness really bad?


Is there a secret chest in the Vault of Glass?


Was Oryx elected king or..?

He was knighted (Thanks everyone who corrected me)

Are raids the best part of Destiny?


Is every Guardian required to take dancing lessons?

Sort of

Did you guys seriously think that Paul McCartney music video was cool?

(laughs) I imagine some folks did

Is his name Paul McCartney?

Who could say?

Whose face is on the Strange Coin?

I don’t know.. The president of the Nine, maybe like the fifth president?

Will there be a bigger and better raid in The Taken King?


Can you skip cutscenes?


Can you skip the shooting?

Hold sprint

Can you skip the expansion?

Not recommended

Are the Vex really indestructable?

It doesn’t seem that way, does it?

How many new multiplayer maps are there in The Taken King?


How hard is it to make a new playable area?

Hard.. Harder than you think

Is Osiris dead?


Red Bull?

No thanks, I’m trying to quit

So I should drink them both?

Yeah you should just- yeah drink them both

Will Xur ever sell Gjallarhorn again?

No one really knows

Are there bathrooms in the tower?

If there are, they’re probably behind locked doors

Just nobody ever has to go to the bathroom?

Maybe you just go in your suit?

I’ve gone like 5 times today

There was actually like fiction about this for the Master Chief, I remember reading about back in the day. He pees in his suit

Does he really?


Wouldn’t Destiny 2 be a cool name?

Ha! ..I don’t know

What’s the best class in The Taken King?


Can you give us something interesting to do in the loading screen?

Do you enjoy sandwiches?

Do you enjoy sandwiches?


Is that our answer?


To the question I asked?


Will there be a giant story twist coming in the Destiny storyline?

I don’t know what that means, like- a giant twist

A plottwist

Yeah.. the twist is that there’s a story

Oh really?

We’re trying something different

Will The Taken King campaign be longer than people expect?

Yeah, I think so

Which race has the best dance?

I don’t know about best dance, but my favorite emote in the game is the female Awoken bow. It’s multi-purpose, you can use it for disrespecting other people, showing irreverence

Are there hints in The Taken King about where the future of Destiny is going?

Absolutely, we want all our games to do that

Were Crota and Omnigul a couple?

Maybe? I don’t know, was she his consort? I don’t remember

True Detective season 2 [thumbs up/down]?

[thumbs down]

Is The Taken King a better game than Halo 3?

Eww.. pass

Is the redheaded community guy’s name Erik or Urik?

It’s a mix, it’s Urk



Do you guys remember that scene in Return of the Jedi with the speeder bikes?

(laugs) Yes

..yeah it was cool

It was, it was pretty cool

Will I be able to play Taken King on PC?

Personal Computer? No

Do you regret the whole equipment/Light leveling thing from Destiny 1?

Regret is not the right word, we have a chance to improve it

Will The Taken King have more mission variety?

We think so

So Paul McCartney’s song exists in-universe?

You can play it in a jukebox, so I guess so (laughs)

Does that make sense?

Some legends never die

Is Paul McCartney still alive in-universe?

I don’t think so, no

Is Paul McCartney the Traveler?

No, but that might be- that would be the twist you’re looking for

Do you think some people play too much Destiny?

No, it’s not for me to judge. I mean, I play a lot of Destiny

What was your favorite part of Oni?

I didn’t play that game

Do you think people are going to get sick of Nathan Fillion this year?

No, he’s awesome

Flaming hammers?

Flaming hammers

Is the entirety of the Destiny storyline a Vex simulation?

No.. I don’t think

Do you understand that people don’t understand what’s going on in the Destiny storyline?

Yeah I understand that people don’t understand what’s going on in the Destiny storyline

Is there food to eat on the moon?


Is The Taken King worth $40?


What are you doing later?

Going to Aziz Ansari

Is Paul McCartney involved with this thing?

(laughs) Not currently

Can you summon sparrows in the Dreadnaught?


Are haters gonna hate The Taken King?

Yeah, haters are always gonna hate

Are you inverted?

Inverted people are weird

Is the Stranger a time traveler?

Too soon to say

Is it easy to catch up with your friends who’ve been playing too much Destiny?

Easier than we’ve said

How much does the Dreadnaught weigh?

I don’t know, it’s probably something metric

Does more loot drop in The Taken King?


So you shoot with this? [points at the PS4’s R1-button]

(laughs) No

Is it easier to find Exotics in The Taken King?

We hope so

Does The Taken King have new music?


A lot of new music?

A lot of new music

Is it pronounced Bung-gee?

By small children and illiterate people, yes

Do the Taken travel through those space goo(?) portals?


What are they for?

Ambiance (laughs)

Was Vanilla Destiny a well designed game?

Parts of it were, parts of it showed tremendous opportunities to improve

Is Peter Dinklage in The Taken King?


Will the Ghost speak again?


Why can’t I double jump in the tower?

..I wish we could too

The Hobgoblin Squad?

Yeah, invulnerable

Will there ever be a way to swap gear or weapons without having to go into the menu?

Yeah, it’s Tower Ghost

Tower Ghost?

Yeah Tower Ghost, it’s an app for the internet

Why are there so many larvae in the Dreadnaught?

There are a lot of worms in that place, man

Do you like me?

A little bit

Do you like this interview?

I’ve had better

Will you ever create beachball bounties?

Someone may

Are the Taken happy?


How many bullets have you guys had to make?

Not many

Does Xur work for 9 space dragons?

To be determined

Is making Destiny kind of a pain in the ass?


Who’s gonna win?

No matter who wins-

We all win?

Or we all lose

Is the Traveler secretly evil?

(pauses) … in time, we’ll discuss more

Is there a mrs. Taken King?

It probably didn’t turn out too well for her, if there was

Do you have any time to explain?

I don’t have time to explain

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